APA Glossary

A list of APA Referencing terms in a alphabetical order.


APA Referencing Information
This guide contains an overview of APA referencing, discussing why referencing is important, the stpes involved in referencing, it-text citations and the reference list.


APA Referencing: FAQs
This guide provide answers to frequently asked questions about APA Referencing.


Quoting, Paraphrasing and Summarising
This guide provides instructions on how to incorporate a quote, or to paraphrase or summarise someone elses research or ideas into your assignment.


Development Stages in the Integration of Literature into Academic Writing Skills
This guide discusses the four developmental stages of academic writing: repetition, patching, plagiaphrasing, and appropriate citation.


Incorporating a citation in your writing
In academic writing we need to refer to the research and ideas of others. This guide provides alternative to "say" or "write".


He Aratohu Tohutoronga APA APA Referencing Examples - Kaupapa Māori
This guide provides an overview of APA Referencing and contains māori resource examples.