Booklet Printing


Print your document as a booklet

You can print your documents on A4 or A3 paper in booklet format. Below is an example for a powerpoint print out. The instructions apply to other Microsoft Office applications.

Open your document from that you wish to print in booklet form.


Once it has opened, click File >> Print.

PowerPoint printing


Under where it says Full Page Slides dropdown choose the handout you wish to print (if you are using another Microsoft application please skip this step).

Once you have done that, click Printer Properties underneath the printer.


Click the Layout/Watermark tab and tick the Booklet layout option.This will automatically change from single to double sided printing.

You then need to change the paper size. Click the Booklet Creation... button. Where it says Fit to New Paper Size, choose your desired paper size. At EIT, only A3 or A4 sized paper is available. Click OK.

Click OK again and click Print. Swipe your student ID card at the printer to release your booklet.