Google Sites - e/Workbooks and e/Portfolios


Type in in the address bar at the top of your page.

The following screen will appear;



Make sure you have a valid Google Account and sign in with your Gmail address, click next to access the password screen, enter your password and click Sign In



The following screen will appear;



Click on Create



The following screen will appear;



Before you name your site, you need to select a Template, we are going to look at the Gallery on the left of the list;



Click on the link, the following screen will appear;



Click in the Search Box at the top of the template page and type in EIT. Check with your tutor to ensure you know the correct template to use.



There are a number of EIT Portfolio templates, choose for example EIT BN5.707 Nursing Practice 1, a template site for year one bachelor nurses at EIT.



Choose the Select button, this template will now be selected as the theme.

We now have to name our google site;



An example is Programme details and name eg. For nursing students BN5707TaniaWebster.

Another example is for the ideaSchool portfolio is as follows;


Check with your tutor if you are unsure how to name your site.



Select the check box next to the words – I’m not a robot



Click Create and your ePortfolio is ready to use.


How do I share my ePortfolio/eWorkbook with my tutor/lecturer?

Using the instructions above, you will need to sign into your Google Site.

Once logged-in select your ePortfolio link.


Your site will open, on the right hand side of the Welcome screen click the Share button, currently your site is being shared with everyone in the world.  The instructions below will enable you to share your site with only your tutor/lecturer.


Sharing your ePortfolio, click on Change



The following screen will appear;


Choose Off – Specific people.

Click Save

You will then be redirected to the following screen;


Now you can add the required email address to the invitation box, you can also select what type of permission they have, i.e. Whether they can edit your ePortfolio etc. as shown below;
Sometimes the google account can be a course Gmail address or your tutor/lecturer email address, if you are unsure about this; you need to contact your tutor/lecturer.


By default, the invitation should be set at Can Edit, you can add a message if you want to explain why you are sharing your e-portfolio.

Once you have finished inviting people, click Send and the link will be shared.

Frequently Asked Question’s for students

What is the address to sign into my ePortfolio?

2 main ways to sign in to Google Sites;

  • Type in in the address bar at the top of your page.
  • Click on Google Chrome and type in in the address bar

Click on the 9 square icon


Choose More

Select Even more from Google, scroll down and choose Sites


A login screen will appear to enable you to access your ePortfolio.

What URL should I use to submit my ePortfolio to my tutor/lecturer?

You will need to log in to your Google Site using the instructions above, the following screen will appear;


The following URL will need to be Copied & Pasted into EIT Online


Editing a Page

Click on the Pencil (Edit Page)


Uploading a File

Click on the page where you want to add a file to.
Click Add file, and browse for your file, select and click on Open, alternatively if you have saved your files to Google Drive you can select Add from Drive


If my Google Site has disappeared what can I do?

If your site has disappeared, you will need to recreate the site following the instructions above.

Uploading a large movie file and it doesn’t display within the ePortfolio?

You will need to log in to the EIT Computers, open the Movie Maker program, import the file and save it as an MP4 file. Then you will need to re-upload the file to your e-Portfolio page.