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Page Breaks and Section Breaks

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Working with Tables

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Mac Guide: Microsoft Word 2011
Margins, Page Orientation and Breaks

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By default, the margins for a Word document are 2.54 cm on the top, bottom, and sides.

Layout << Margins - select Normal or Custom Margins.



NB: This is useful for changing your margins in your assignment.

Custom Margins

If you select Custom Margins, the Document Margins window appears.  Tab (or use the arrow keys) between each option and type in your margins.  Click OK to apply the changes.

insert page numbers



Most EIT essay Page Layout require a left margin of 4cm, to do this simply enter 4 in the Left Margin << click OK


Page Orientation

Layout << select Orientation.

page orientation


Choose Portrait or Landscape.

page orientation


NB: To have pages of portrait and landscape orientation in a single document, use section breaks between the affected pages.  To do this:-

Go to the page you want to change the orientation of, select the area before the text on the page you want to change. 
Insert << Break << Section Break (Next Page)

mac insert page break


Select the area after the text on the same page, Page Layout << Breaks << Next Page

mac insert page break


The document is now comprised of three sections.  Select an area in the page you want to change the orientation of. 
Page Layout << Orientation << Portrait OR Landscape

page orientation


Page Breaks and Section Breaks

Page Break: Separates content between pages
Section Break: Used to create layout or formatting changes in a portion of a document.

Inserting a Page Break

Click in your document where you want to start a new page, Layout << Break << Page Break

mac insert page break

Inserting a Section Break

Click where you want to change the format, Insert << Break

mac insert section break


Choose which type of Break you want for your document.

mac section break