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Formatting your Document

Inserting Headers & Footers
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Formatting your text

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Reviewing your document

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Working with Images

Inserting images : From your computer
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Working with Tables

Working with Tables

Table of Contents

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PowerPoint Basics
Insert a Graph
Insert a Diagram
Insert a Sound
Insert a Movie

Mac Guide: Microsoft PowerPoint 2011
Inserting a Sound

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Inserting a Sound into your Powerpoint Presentation

Select the slide you are going to place the sound onto.

Insert << Audio << Audio from File

mac powerpoint insert sound


Browse for your sound file << Insert

mac powerpoint insert sound


When you click on the sound icon, your sound will start playing automatically.

mac powerpoint insert sound


To move your sound icon out of the middle of your presentation >> Click on the icon >> move it to where you would like it placed.

mac powerpoint insert sound

To change the playback of your sound

Click on Format Audio on the Ribbon << Audio Options << Start dropdown box << select Automatically, On Click or Play Across Slides.

mac powerpoint insert sound


If you choose Automatically, your sound will play straight away.
If you choose On Click, you will need to click on the sound icon.
If you choose Play Across Slides, when you click on the sound icon your sound will continue to play across all slides.