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Saving to a USB Memory Stick

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Saving to a USB Memory Stick:

These little devices are great for creating a backup of your work, which you should have just in case something goes wrong and you lose your work on the computer.
As we have already saved our document using the saving techniques above, we are now going to use the Save As facility on the keyboard.
Make sure your USB is plugged into a USB port at the back of the computer.
With your document still open >>Press Cmd + shift + 2 on the keyboard and the following screen will appear;

mac saving to usb


This time we need to select the Lib 5 USB, as shown below;

mac saving to usb


It should be empty the first time you use it

mac saving to usb


Click on Save;

mac saving to usb


Your document should be saved to your USB.
Once you have finished copying over your documents you will need to safely remove it so that work copied to it will not be lost.
Close all open documents that you have been working on.
Right click on Eject USB (the name of your USB)

mac saving to usb