Applying Macrons


Right click on the language bar

language bar


Click on settings

language bar


Click on add

language window


Scroll down and click on the little + sign to the left of Māori

input language window


Click on the + to the left of Keyboard and check the box marked Māori

input language window


Click on OK and the message box will look like this. Click on apply, and then click on OK to close the box.

text services window


To use the Māori language and create a macron, open a word document and click on the language bar again and select MR Māori (New Zealand)

language bar

Then to apply the macron to the letter press the ~ key with the vowel (usually a).

Please note: If you go into any other application it will default back to English and you will need to re-select Māori from the language bar. Also, this is only effective for one session at a time and will need to be added again if you log out.