Microsoft Powerpoint 2016


Select the slide you are going to insert a video into.

Insert >> Video >> Video from my PC

Browse for your video >> Insert

To change the playback of your video:

Click on the Playback tab
Click on the Start dropdown box
Choose between Automatically or On Click
Automatically will play your movie clip straight away
On Click means you have to click on your movie clip to get it to play



Inserting a Video from YouTube
The safest way to use a video from YouTube is to hyperlink it to your slide; do not embed the file as this can breach the Copyright Act 1994.
Find the video you want to link to
Click in the address bar, to copy your video link



Press Ctrl C (Copy) OR Right click and choose Copy



Go back to your PowerPoint slide
Click where you want to place your video link
Press Ctrl V (Paste) OR Right click and choose Paste

Highlight the link -
Right click on the link and choose hyperlink


The following dialogue box will appear;



Choose Browsed Pages >> select your YouTube video link

The hyperlink will change colour


You can also edit the text of the hyperlink to make it more relevant >> Right click on your hyperlink

Choose Edit Hyperlink
The following dialogue box appears

Select Text to display
Type in your text e.g. Tutorial Video



Adding Action Buttons to your Presentation
By adding action buttons to your presentation you can tell a movie or sound to play or you could use an action button to navigate to another slide in your presentation.

Action Buttons
Insert >> Shapes >> Action Buttons


Choosing a Button
Once you have chosen your button you will notice the mouse pointer has changed to +
Move your mouse onto your slide and click and drag to make your button

The action button dialogue box will now show, this is to enable you to choose the settings you want to apply to your button.

Choose which tab you want to use; Mouse Click or Mouse Over.

Choose which action you want and click OK


NB: If you choose ‘URL’ you can make the button be a hyperlink to a youtube video