Scan and send a document to your email account

NOTE: You can use any email account to send your document using the photocopiers in the libraries.


  1. Swipe your Student ID Card.
  2. Press "Use Copier Functions" button
    Press "Next" button


  3. Press "Email"

  5. Your student email will display automatically. If you do not want to use your student email account then tap on the student email and press "Remove"

  6. Press "New Recipient..."to add your email address

  8. Enter your email address and press "+Add" then "Close" button. You will see your email address on screen.

  10. Place your document(s) in the feeder (facing up) or (facing down) underneath the lid.

  12. Adjust the layout settings as required. Press the green "Start" button. The machine will scan and send it to your email account.

  14. Once you are finished, Logout by pushing the green "Log In/Out" button on photocopier.