Microsoft Word 2013
Inserting Page Numbers (and formatting them)


Inserting Page Numbers (and formatting them)


  1. Insert << Page Number.

  3. Identify where you want your Page Numbers to be positioned (top or bottom of page), then select the formatting.

  5. To edit the numbers - Double click on the Header or Footer area and highlight the number you want to edit.

  7. To format the page numbers - Insert << Page Number << Format Page Numbers

  9. Select the formatting you require << Click OK to return to your document.

Inserting Page Numbers: Different on the First Page

This situation will be useful when you do not want a page numer on the first page.


  1. Page Layout << Page Setup << click the arrow in the bottom right-hand corner.

  3. Select the Layout tab << check the Different First Page box in the Headers and Footers section << Apply to Whole document (when you have no sections in your document, in which case select This section)


Inserting Page Numbers: Different than 1
  1. Insert << Page Number << Format Page Numbers
  2. Type the Page Number you want to start at. You may want to use 0 if you set your document up with a Different first page. This way your first page will be 0 and not show and the second page will begin at page 1.


Inserting Page Numbers: Different Page Numbers in One Document

You may want to set out an essay with two different number styles. In academic essays Roman numerals start after the title page until the body of the essay begins. For example this may include an abstract, table of contents, executive summary etc ... Arabic numbers start from the main body of the essay. To achieve this you will need to use Section Breaks in your document. Change the number format in the Page Number Format window.

It is easier to tackle the Page Layout first and create Section Breaks in your document before you add the text.

Turn the show/hide button on, this shows parapgraph marks and other hidden formatting symbols (they will not show on your printed document), this will show your section breaks clearly.