Analysing an Assignment Question

Analysing an assignment question/topic

Always read the assignment question/topic along with the marking schedule to gain a complete picture of what is required and the emphasis placed on each aspect of the assignment.

To analyse the question/topic

1. Identify the subject or topic of the assignment
2. Identify the instruction word which tells you what to do with the topic
3. Check if there are any other significant words or key aspects to consider

For example:

Essay question
Using models of human development, discuss the function spontaneous play has in the development of primary school-aged children.

1. Subject: Spontaneous play and development of primary school-aged children
2. Instruction word: discuss
3. Other significant words: models of human development

Essay question
Outline why property is so important in the formation of class. Explain two theories about class formation, referring to New Zealand society.

1. Subject: property and class formation /class formation theories
2. Instruction word: Outline and explain
3. Other significant words: New Zealand society

Reviewed January 2016