APA Referencing: How do I reference a figure from a book?

Reference example

Evans, J. (1996). The discovery of Aotearoa. Auckland, New Zealand: Reed Books.


In-text example

In the text, put a caption under the figure.

Figure 1. Star compass (from Evans, 1998, p. 62)



What information do I need to create a reference for a figure (image, graph, chart, map, drawing, photograph) from a book?

Elements that may be required to create a reference for a figure from a book are as follows:

1. Author

Corporate author
No author

2. Date

No date (n.d.)

3. Title

Book title / subtitle
Chapter in an edited book

4. Retrieval Information

Publishing location and publisher

Additional information

Edition number
Edited book page range
E-book reader



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