Google Scholar

Unlike a standard Google search, Google Scholar will only find academic related material. It can be a useful tool to help find resources for your study.
It should be used in conjunction with the databases the library has available rather than a substitution:

  • The databases made available by the library have better search functionality that helps keep your searches more focused.
  • Not all journals are indexed on Google Scholar. You may be missing out on vital literature which could be found via the library databases.
  • What Google determines to be scholarly may not always accord with what is considered scholarly in the academic community. Be sure to evaluate your sources.



  • Go to

To ensure access to the full-text of articles where they are available, follow these steps:


Click settings






Click library links





Search for EIT





Check that the box next to EIT is ticked and then click save

Google Scholar



  • Use the advanced search option to improve the accuracy of your search. Click the downward facing arrow at the end of the search bar to access this.
  • Taking note of the databases that Google Scholar links to is a good way to become familiar with databases you should search directly.
  • If there is no link for the desired text, click all versions to see if it may be available elsewhere. If not, you can request an interloan.
  • Click related articles to find similar material.
  • Cited by allows you to find publications that have cited the text in question.
  • Cite will give you the APA reference but it will often be incomplete or contain errors. For example, you will need to add the retrieval information from the database that Google Scholar links to.
  • Use our APA guides to ensure your references are correct.



If you require further help with Google Scholar or research please ask at the desk or contact the Information & Learning Technologies Librarian.

Adam Smith
ph| (06) 974 8000, extension 6067