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Participation in online forums furthers your understanding of course material and is therefore a valuable learning tool. Throughout your course you will be asked to contribute to online discussion forums by submitting short pieces of writing on a specified topic or question posed by your tutor.

You will also be asked to respond to other students’ online postings, with the purpose of extending the discussion.

Although these forums are considered discussion and are therefore less formal than an assessed assignment task, they are still within the formal context of a learning environment, and will be visible to your tutor and all others enrolled in the course. Unless specified by your tutor, the following are therefore expected:


  • correct grammar
  • correct spelling
  • structured, logical writing
  • ideas backed up with literature
  • adding to the discussion (not just stating agreement without extending the ideas)
  • meaningful subject lines
  • your own work and your own words
  • accurate APA referencing

Online postings must be your own work, and literature should be paraphrased and integrated into your writing as you would for any other academic writing task.


Not OK

  • copy and paste from other sources (plagiarism rules apply)
  • uploading a link rather than submitting your own writing
  • emoticons and text language
  • disrespect for others’ viewpoint


Issued November, 2015