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Thesis Submission Guidelines

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This guide outlines the format requirements for EIT theses.

Thesis Format

The colour of the cover of the thesis is ‘aubergine’ and the cover/spine lettering should be gold. The spine should have your first initial and last name, the degree (e.g. MN, MHSc, MPP) and year. The cover should have the thesis title, your name, and the year.

thesis format


Format and Description

The title page should be laid out as follows:

  • Title of the thesis centered in the top third of the page
  • Declaration and degree centred in the middle third of the page
  • Author’s name and date centred in the bottom third of the page

Thesis format


Recommended Order of Thesis

The thesis should be presented in the following sequence, although the topic or requirements of the student’s work may indicate the need for variation.


  • Title page
  • Originality Declaration
  • Abstract
  • Acknowledgements
  • Table of Contents
  • List of Figures and Tables

Main body to include (normally these are individual chapters):

  • Introduction
  • Review of Literature
  • Methods/Methodology
  • Results/Findings



Reference Material

References / Bibliography




Copyright resides with the author, and is governed by the Copyright Act 1994. Unless you state otherwise, the EIT Library may copy all or part of your thesis and provide it to another institution for the purposes of research and private study.

You may assert your moral right to be identified as the author of the work in a statement to this effect on the verso (back) of the title page (i.e., “The author asserts her/his moral right to be identified as the author of this work”).


Figure, Table and Citation Styles

APA 6th edition format must be used for all figures, tables, citations and references. EndNote digital citation package is highly recommended.


Layout and Production

  1. Cost of Preparation: the entire cost of preparation of a thesis for presentation is the responsibility of the student.
  2. Paper: the paper should be good quality (e.g. 100 gram Bond), A4 size. It is available from a number of stationery suppliers, as well as from EIT Reprographics.
  3. Typing: the work should be produced by word processor. For the text, please use Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman 11 point font and 1.5 line spacing. Text is to be printed on one side of the paper only with margins of at least 4 cm on the left (to allow room for binding), 2.5 cm top and bottom and 2 cm on the right. Pages must be numbered consecutively, using lower case Roman numerals in introductory pages and Arabic numerals, starting again from 1, in the body of the text.
  4. It is common practice to italicise Latin words such as “in situ”, “in vivo”, etc.
  5. Figures and Tables: these should be numbered sequentially in Arabic numerals and should appear after the first reference to them in the text.
  6. Printing: the original copy of your thesis should be printed on a laser printer. Subsequent copies may be produced with a good quality photocopier.
  7. Binding: Printing, copying and binding for soft bound examination copies at the student’s expense can be done by EIT Reprographics.
    The colour of the cover for the official copies (not necessarily the examination copies) is aubergine.
  8. On the spine of the thesis in uppercase letters, from the top down, should be: Initials, Last name Degree abbreviation (e.g., MN, MPP, MHS), Year of submission.


Submission for Examination

To submit the thesis for examination, the student must send three soft bound (coil bound) copies of the final work to the Faculty Masterate Research Administrator, with the accompanying
Statement by Supervisor on Submission of Masterate Thesis form. The deadline for submission is the date specified in the course syllabus.

Your Supervisors must sign off your thesis prior to submission by completing the Statement by Supervisor on Submission of Masterate Thesis form. This form must also be signed by the student. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that this form is completed and accompanies the Thesis when it is submitted for examination.

Please note that the Postgraduate Research Administrator will decline to accept any thesis that is submitted without a completed Statement by Supervisor on Submission of Masterate Thesis form.

Please Note: After your thesis has been examined, you may be required to make changes to it asrequested by one or both examiners. The Faculty Academic Committee may require these changes to be completed and incorporated into your final submitted work prior to your degree being conferred. Your supervisors will provide guidance if changes are required.


Submission of Final Version

After satisfactory completion of any changes required by the Faculty Academic Committee, you must submit two (2) hard-bound copies of the final version of your thesis to the Postgraduate Research Administrator.

An electronic copy of the thesis is also required to be submitted, which will be placed on the Digital NZ website following insertion of a copyright page.


Created: August 2015