Word 2016 (Mac)


Formatting your Document

Header and Footer

How to insert and format a header and footer.

Page Number

How to insert a page number and customise style and starting points.

Line Spacing

How to add line spacing and paragraph spaces.

Margins, Page Orientation, and Breaks

How to add and customise these aspects to align your document.


How to add and format tables in your document.

Table of Contents

How to insert a table of contents, format it, and update the fields.


A guide on what templates are, how to use them, and how to create your own.

Blank and Cover Pages

how to insert blank and cover pages to an existing document.



Formatting your Text

Align your Text

An overview of how to position text in different places on the page.

Bullets and Numbering

A guide on how to insert and format bullets and numbers to organise text.

Format Painter

How to use this tool to easily copy formatting from one group of text to another.

Hanging Indent

How to insert a hanging indent, as commonly used in reference lists.

Māori Keyboard and Macrons

A guide on how to add the Māori keybord to your computer, and add macrons to your text.



Reviewing your Document

Word Count

An overview of what the word count is and how to best use it.

Spell Check

An overview of what spell check does and some tips on using it.


A guide on how to use the thesaurus within Word.

Show/Hide Tool

A guide describing what the show/hide button does and when it is best to use it.



Working with Images

Image from a Computer or Device

A guide showing how to save and insert images from different locations.

Image from the Internet

A guide showing how to save and insert an image from the internet.

Screen Snapshot

An overview on how to take a screen shot and insert it into a document.

Format your Images

How to best format and crop images to work with your document.