Finding Information

The library provides access to numerous credible resources not freely available on the web. Select an appropriate library search tool for the type of resource you require.

Library based search tools are not as forgiving as Google with what you enter. If you want relevant results, be strategic with the keywords you use. There are also a number of search techniques to retrieve better results.

When obtaining results, evaluate and refine them according to how well they fit your information need.

Based on how the information you find contributes to your understanding, you may end up revising your initial search or with a new information need to search for.

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Finding Information

Library Search Tools
This guide provides an overview of the EIT library search tools.

Resource Types
This guide provides a description of the most common resources types.

Search Tips (Searching for Resources)
Learn tips on how to search library resources effectively.

Refining Results
Learn how to refine your search results.

Books - Finding a Specific Title
This guide will show you how to find a specific book title.

Books - Finding Books on your Topic
This guide will show you how to find books on a particular subject.

Journal Articles - Finding a Specific Article
This guide will show you how to find a specific journal article.

Journal Articles - Finding Articles on your Topic
This guide will show you how to find articles on a particular subject.

Referencing Journal Articles - Database Citation Tools
This guide provide information on how to use database citation tools.

Finding Information Online (websites)
Learn how to locate information online.

Primary / Secondary Resources
Learn the difference between primary and secondary resources.

Evaluating Source Credibility
This guide shows you how to evaluate information for credibility, authority, accuracy, currency and bias.

Help using...

A guide to the EIT library search tool that searches across our print and electronic collections.

Google Scholar
This guide shows you how to add the EIT library links to Google Scholar.

Link to the support pages for Credo - EIT's online reference tool.

ProQuest Ebook Central
Link to the support pages for Proquest Ebook Central - EIT's ebook database.

video Joanna Briggs Institute
Video - an introduction to the JBI Database.

video CINAHL Basic Searching Tutorial
Video - a basic searching tutorial (4 minutes).

video PubMed (Medline) Search Tutorial
Video - an interactive tutorial so you can learn how to use PubMed.

video Cochrane Basic Search
Video - a basic search tutorial (4 minutes).

Science Direct Search Tutorial
Link to the ScienceDirect Support Center