Student Printing


At EIT we use PaperCut as our printing system. As an EIT student you will use this to print your course, study and assessment materials. The following sections explain how to use PaperCut and to print at EIT.

To top up your printing balance you will need to purchase a printing voucher from the library. There are values ranging from $1.00 to $20.00. Eftpos and cash are available. Auckland students can buy print vouchers to use to top up your account from the Auckland Administrator, Level 9, 238 Queen Street. Ph 09 3007410

You can also top up your printing account using one of the DocuPos kiosks. Only eftpos is accepted and are available at each campus.

Please Note: Refunds are not avaliable. Please be mindful of this when topping up your printing.

Redeem a PaperCut Voucher

Click here to follow simple instructions to redeem a PaperCut voucher.



Below is an outline of how much printing costs at EIT.

A4 Black & white Single-sided 5 cents
A4 Black & white Double-sided 9 cents
A3 Black & white Single-sided 11 cents
A3 Black & white Double-sided 19 cents
A4 Colour Single-sided 35 cents
A4 Colour Double-sided 62 cents
A3 Colour Single-sided 44 cents
A3 Colour Double-sided 78 cents


Wireless printing

As a current EIT student you can print documents via the EIT Wifi and from home.
Click here to go to PaperCut and submit documents to print. Below are instructions to submit and release your print jobs.

Please note:
Only black and white printing is available and works with EIT library printers

Log in using your EIT network details.

PaperCut login


Click ‘Web Print’ to submit a print job.

A screen will appear showing your active print jobs to be released. To submit a new job, click ‘Submit a Job >>’.

Submit print job


You will be asked to choose the location of where you want your print job sent to. If you are on the Tairawhiti Campus, choose the first option. If you are on the Hawke’s Bay Campus, click the second option. Both will be sent to a virtual printer queue and will be pending until you release your job(s). Click ‘2. Print Options and Account Selection >>’ to proceed to the next step.

Print options and account selection


Enter the number of copies you need and then click ‘3. Upload Document’.

Enter number of copies


Before you submit your job please check the file type. Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word and XPS formats and Adobe PDF files can be printed. Click ‘Upload & Complete >>’.
Please Note:  Image (.jpeg, .tiff, .png), other Adobe products and other formats are not supported which means you will need to log onto an EIT computer to print.

document browse


If you have more than one item you wish to print, please repeat the steps above for each job.
Once your job(s) have processed you can go to one of the library printers. Please swipe your EIT student card to print your document(s).

Job submitted

Once you have finished, click ‘Log Out’ to exit PaperCut.


Printing your document on-campus

How to print

Click on File << Print


Printing Multiple Pages

There is a print option that allows you to print multiple pages of your document onto on sheet of paper.
File << Print << 1 Page Per Sheet drop down menu


Printing Double-sided

The printer defaults to single-sided printing. For double-sided printing:-
File << Print << Print One Sided << Print on Both Sides


Colour Printing

Select the LBlock-Colour-01 printer in the print dialogue box



Make sure you have selected the appropriate paper size for your printing e.g. A4 or A3



Once you have selected the correct paper size, you need to change the Printer Properties to colour, otherwise it will print out in Black and White.

Printer Properties



The following dialogue box will appear.



Choose the Output Color as below.