Eduroam @ EIT

What is Eduroam?

Eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community.


Eduroam allows researchers, staff and students from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity when visiting other participating institutions by simply opening their laptop or mobile device, connecting to 'eduroam' and entering their home university account details.


The user's authentication request is sent to the user's home institution, who verify the user's credentials and sends to the visited institution the results allowing access.


All New Zealand universities and some ITP’s participate in eduroam. For a list of NZ eduroam enabled institutions, please visit REANNZ's site.


Eduroam is also available in worldwide locations. For more detail on worldwide coverage see the European eduroam site


How can I access it?

To access eduroam, simply connect to the 'eduroam' wireless network at an eduroam enabled institution.


Eastern Institute of Technology staff and students cannot access the eduroam service on Eastern Institute of Technology campuses. You should use the “EIT Wifi” BYOD network while you are at the Eastern Institute of Technology. For further information about connecting to the EIT Wifi on-campus, click here.


Our security configuration is provided in the table below. Please contact the IT Services Help desk on +64-6-9748000 extn. 4357 or if you have any questions.


Eastern Institute of Technology Eduroam security configuration

SSID eduroam  
Wireless Security Type WPA-Enterprise  
Encryption Type AES  
EAP Method PEAP  
Phase 2 Authentication MSCHAPV2  
CA Certificate Not required  
Identity EIT staff:
  EIT student:
Anonymous Identity Leave blank  
Password Your current EIT password.  

Network Access Available

Full access to the Institutes 1Gbit/s Research connection, plus up to 2 Mbit/s of shared internet bandwidth is available to visitors from other eduroam partners. Access is limited to VPN, HTTP, HTTPS, and SSH.


Visitors to Eastern Institute of Technology

The use of eduroam is governed by the REANNZ eduroam Policy

For visitors to Eastern Institute of Technology the Acceptable Use Policy of your home institution also applies.

The eduroam network is not content filtered and access by staff or students under 18 requires parental consent.


Activity monitoring and logging

In accordance with the Eastern Institute of Technology computer use regulations and Eduroam NZ policy, we will collect the following when you access the eduroam network at Eastern Institute of Technology:

  • The User ID you login as.
  • The MAC Address of the device you are using.
  • The IP Address that your device is assigned on the network.
  • All traffic including destination, ports, and protocols.

This information is kept for a minimum of three months and may be made available to eduroam security or technical contacts if required to investigate network issues.


How much does eduroam cost?

eduroam is FREE for its users, there is no charge for eduroam use world-wide. The providers of eduroam hotspots make the service available to benefit all members of the research and education community.


Other eduroam information

eduroam FAQ’s:

For further information about eduroam please go to:

eduroam Companion App:

You can easily find eduroam enabled institutions abroad by using the 'eduroam Companion' app by the JNT Association.


This can be downloaded for IOS and Android devices:

IOS - Go to

Android - Go to



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