Student Budgeting Support - Hawke's Bay


Younited Student Budgeting Support is a service providing debt management and budgeting guidance to students.

The service assists you in looking at your financial options with the help of a trained budget advisor. Who can provide a range of tools and knowledge to ensure that you have greater understanding of your financial situation and help going forward.

Contact Details

Shelley Cooper
| 06 9748000 ext 5251



Student Association Office
Student Amenities Building



Monday - Thursday | 9.00am - 3.00pm


Talk to us about:                                             

  • I am behind on my rent or/and power
  • I haven’t got enough money for food
  • Am I eligible for any Hardship support?
  • IRD queries
  • Work and Income queries
  • Planning for the future
  • Behind on payments to creditors eg: car repayments
  • Credit card issues
  • Money management tips
  • Student loan/studylink support

We can assist with all the above and advise you or refer you to the correct agency.

The budgeting and financial skills you will learn will give you greater understanding of the investment you are making in your future with your study and will give you confidence as you eventually head out into the workplace.

Further areas of support:

  • Tenancy – eg: flat/ house sharing agreements
  • Consumer rights - eg: rights of the buyer
  • Understanding contracts - eg: credit contracts (GE, Qcard)
  • Work and Income entitlements  - eg: special needs grants
  • Dispute resolutions - eg: telecommunications,
  • Financial terminology
  • Referral to other agencies
Budgeting Hints
  • Plan
  • Goals


  • Debt – pay of the debt with the highest interest
  • Use supermarkets Christmas clubs
  • Shop with a list – look for cheaper deals
  • Beware of personal spending: smokes, coffee    


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