There is a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships and awards available to Māori students who are studying at EIT. We can help you with the completion, form-filling and posting out of all scholarship applications.

To talk to us directly, please make an appointment at the Service Desk in the Library.


You should keep the following in mind:-

  • Scholarships are available based on many characteristics and criteria including gender, the discipline you’re studying, and the institution you’re attending, so be sure to consider all your options
  • You must ensure that you include all necessary information with your application
    In many cases you will need to support your application with copies of academic transcripts
  • Submit your application for scholarships before the close dates (include time for posting)
  • You can apply for more than one scholarship.
EIT has givME, a national database of scholarships, awards and grants for individuals looking for funding for study and professional development. This is available to all students and can be accessed on campus.
Turuki Māori Health Workforce Strategy Scholarships

Website: and

Facebook: turukihb

Types of scholarships

  • Tūruki Workforce Scholarships : Graduate and Post Graduate Study
  • Health Workforce NZ Scholarships: Undergraduate Certificates and Diplomas

These scholarships are for those working or intending to work in health related fields. To apply, all applications must be made online via the website.  For further information please contact Winsome Winterburn.


The following sites offer information about specific scholarships, awards and grants for Māori students:-

Māori Education Trust
Hauora Māori Scholarships (Health Awards)
Teach NZ Scholarships