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Academic Learning Services provides a range of resources to assist you with your learning and study. Develop your writing and study skills by using the guides provided.


  • Analyse assignment tasks
  • Types of writing, Disscusson forums
  • Integrating literature into your writing
  • Academic words and phrases
  • Academic integrity
  • APA writing style & referencing


  • Essays, presentations, reports
  • Reflective writing
  • Discussion forums
  • Research proposals, bibliographies, literature reviews,
  • Written submissions


  • EIT APA referencing guides
  • Incorporating references into your writing
  • Formatting references
  • Links to APA resources, Endnote
  • Academic Integrity
  • APA Quizzes
  • Turnitin


  • APA style
  • Formatting guidelines





  • Punctuation and grammar
  • Sentence & paragraph structure
  • Academic words & phrases
  • Root words, prefixes, suffices
  • Parts of speech


  • Generating ideas
  • Organising your thinking
  • Evaluating information
  • Getting more out of study time
  • Practising reflection


  • Searching for information
  • Evaluating information
  • Turnitin


  • EIT computer guides
  • Formatting guidelines
  • Google products and OneDrive
  • Endnote
  • Saving work and printing @EIT
  • Computer tips


  • Planning study time
  • Reading Effectively, Critical thinking
  • Note-taking, Listening Skills
  • Working in Groups
  • Memory
  • Getting started with writing
  • Learning Styles
  • Exam Preparation


  • Reflective writing in social sciences
  • BSW and BN formatting requirements
  • Applied Science lab reports
  • Exam preparation
  • Postgraduate students


  • APA referencing
  • Academic writing guides
  • Māori dictionaries
  • Te reo Maōri quizzes and links


  • Quizzes for number order and engineering and Scientific notation
  • Links to useful maths sites and educational resources
  • Pathways Awarua – New Zealand’s literacy and numeracy learning tool


APA Referencing Instructions
APA Referencing Guide
- Instructions

APA referencing guide - brief
APA Referencing:
A brief guide


APA Referencing Examples
APA Referencing Guide
- Examples



APA Referencing Examples
He Aratohu Tohutoronga APA
APA Referencing Examples -
Kaupapa Māori

Writing Guide
Writing Guide

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We have endeavoured to acknowledge other sources where possible and any omissions are unintentional. 

Study Guides A - Z

100 Māori Words Every New Zealander Should Know
365 Useful Words and Phrases
9 Ws
Academic Integrity
Academic Integrity- Quiz
Academic Misconduct
Academic Phrasebank
Analyse and Plan an Essay
Analyse your Assignment Task (Video)
Analysing Assignment Tasks
APA Referencing @ EIT
APA Referencing FAQs
APA Referencing Guide- A Brief Guide
APA Referencing Guide- Examples
APA Referencing Guide- Instructions
APA Style Guide to Electronic Resources
APA Referencing Information
APA Referencing- Long Quiz
APA Referencing- Short Quiz
APA Referencing Website
APA Style Guide
APA Style Guide to Electronic References
Applied Science Lab Report- Level 5
Applied Science Lab Report- Level 7
Argument Framework
Argument Texts
Articles- Quiz 1
Articles- Quiz 2
Assignment Writing
Beat the Calculator
A Beginner’s Guide to Plagiarism- Ako Aotearoa
Bibliography and Annotated Bibliography
BN Formatting Requirements
Booklet Printing
Books- Finding a Specific Title
Books- Finding Books on your Topic
BSW Formatting Requirements
Comment Codes
Computer Guides
Concept Mapping
Confusing Words
Critical Thinking
De Bono Thinking Frames
Descriptive, Analytical, Critical/Evaluative, Reflective Writing Compared
Developmental Stages in the Integration of Literature into Academic Writing Skills
A Dictionary of Māori Language
EndNote X7 Guide for Windows
EndNote X8 Guide for Windows
Engineering Notation with Metric Prefix Activity- Quiz
English/Māori – Māori/English Dictionary
Essay Checklist
Essay Exemplar

Essay Writing
Exam English
Evaluating Information
Evaluating Source Credibility
Exam Preparation
Explanation Texts
Figure from a Book
Figure from a Website
Figure from an Article from a Database
Figure from an Article from a Journal
Finding information Online (websites)
Format your APA Reference List using Word- Video
Format your Assignment using Word- Video
Forward emails from your EIT webmail to another email address
Fractions- the Four Rules
GCF Maths Tutorials
Getting Started with Writing
Google Drive
Google Scholar
Google Sites
Google Sites Help Center
He Aratohu Tohutoronga APA Referencing Examples- Kaupapa Māori
He Kupu o te Rā
He Tīmatanga Kōrero
Health & Safety with Computers
High Frequency Māori Word Lists
How to Redeem a Papercut Voucher
Incorporating a citation into your writing
Instruction Words
Instruction Words- Quiz 1
Instruction Words- Quiz 2
Journal Articles- Finding a Specific Article
Journal Articles- Finding Articles on your Topi
KWL Chart
Learning Styles
Library Search Tools
Listening Skills
Listening Skills- Quiz
Literature Review
Macrons in Macs
Macrons in Windows
Māori Polynesian Comparative Dictionary
Massey Maths First- Arithmetic Index
Math in Daily Life
Math is Fun
Math Lessons and Interactive Quizzes
Memory Tips
Ngā Marama o te Tau- Quiz
Ngā Ra o te Wiki- Quiz
Number Order- Quiz
The NZ Centre of Mathematics- MathsCentre
Online Forums
Oral Presentation
Organising/Synthesising your Research
Oxford Learner’s Dictionary
Paragraph Structure
Paragraphs- Quiz 1
Paragraphs- Quiz 2
Parts of Speech Guide
Phrase Drills
Plagiarism- Quiz
Planning Study Time
Postgraduate Research
Primary/Secondary Resources
Printing @ EIT
PRQST Method of Reading
Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarising Reading Effectively
Reciprocal Reading Prompts
Reference List Formatting
Referencing a Book
Referencing a Book- Quiz
Referencing a Brochure
Referencing a Brochure- Quiz
Referencing a Figure from a Book
Referencing a Figure from a Website
Referencing a Figure from an Article from a Database
Referencing a Figure from an Article from a Journal
Referencing a Journal Article with a DOI
Referencing a Website
Referencing a Website- Quiz
Referencing an Article from a Database
Referencing an Article from a Database- Quiz
Referencing an Article from a Journal
Referencing an Article from a Journal- Quiz
Referencing an Ebook
Referencing an Ebook- Quiz
Referencing Journal Articles: Database citation tools
Refining Results
Reflective Writing
Reflective Writing in Social Sciences
Report Exemplar
Report Writing
Research Proposal
Resource Types
Root Word Matching- Quiz 1
Root Word Matching- Quiz 2
Root Word Matching- Quiz 3
Saving @ EIT
Saving @ EIT (Mac)
Saving to a USB Drive
Saving to a USB Drive (Mac)
Science Root Words, Prefixes, and Suffixes
Scientific Notation with Metric Prefix Activity- Quiz
Search Tips (Searching for Resources)
Semester Planner-Semester2, 2019
Sentence Fragments
Sentence Starters and Transitional Words
Sentence Structure
Setting up APA Heading Styles in Word- Video
Source Evaluation Matrix
Subject-Verb Agreement
Summarising, Referencing and more
Te Aka Māori-English, English-Māori Dictionary and Index
Te Whanake Māori Language Online
Ten Easy Ways to Improve your Writing
Tōku Reo
Turnitin as a plagiarism checker?
Turnitin- Viewing an Originality Report
Understanding about writing
Useful Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
Using One Word Instead of Many- Quiz
Weekly Planner- Version 1
Weekly Planner Version 2
Word Mapping
Working in Groups
Writing Skills Guide
Written Submission