Disability Services - Hawke's Bay                  


Disability support services are available to students with permanent or temporary disabilities and impairments.  This can include recovery from surgery and accidents.

  • To access the support services, students must apply to the Disability Office. 
  • Support approval is subject to documentary proof (e.g. a medical certificate) being provided. 
  • Additionally, students need to provide the Disability Office with timetable details of classes and exams.
Disability Office

The disability office is located at the back of the Library. Feel free to come and visit during office hours. If there is no one in the office please make an appointment at the service desk.


The hours of availability are:
Monday - Friday 8.00am - 5.00pm


Lunchtime Drop-in Sessions: 12.00pm - 1.00pm



Karen Vineeta Barbara

Karen Mora
Student Support Coordinator
Phone: (06) 830 1509
Email: disabilityhb@eit.ac.nz

Vineeta Roy
Information and Learning Advisor: Student Wellbeing
Phone: (06) 830 1128
Email: disabilityhb@eit.ac.nz
Barbara West
Student Disability and Wellbeing Advisor
Phone: (06) 830 1558
Email: disabilityhb@eit.ac.nz


Some Student “Musts”

Get Informed.  Find out what services and equipment are available to meet your needs.  Look up NZ support organisations, Government departments, etc.

Make early contact.  Make an appointment with the Disability Office and sort out your support early in your programme of study.

Find financial assistance.  Ask disability support staff about scholarships, grants and funding for specialist equipment.

Access other student support services.  EIT offers: career planning, learning support, nurse and medical services, counselling, chaplains, Pouwhirinaki support (Maori and Pacific Island students).

Take responsibility for your learning.  Students with disabilities will not be treated as “special needs”.  Disability support helps students disadvantaged by an impairment to have equal access to learning, but your success is still your responsibility!


Support Services Available

Individual Learning Support

  • In-class notetaking
  • 1-1 Study support


  What you can expect in a 1:1 study session



  What your study support person cannot do:


  • Advice on how to break down your assignment tasks
  • Advice on time management
  • Working on computer and research skills
  • Assignment advice, which may include
    • grammar/punctuation/spelling
    • assignment structure
    • paragraph structure
    • flow of ideas
    • referencing
    • paraphrasing
    • assignment formatting
    • writing style
  • Discussion about your study and learning strategies and what you might be able to do to improve these
  • Write parts of your assignment for you
  • Cover every aspect of your assignment that needs addressing
  • Assess or pre-mark your work

Adaptive Technology
  • Dictaphones
  • FM hearing systems (microphones, transmitters, receivers, earpieces)
  • Digital dictionaries
  • Ergonomic furniture and accessories
  • Magnifying sheets
Alternative Exam/Test Arrangements

If needed, we can arrange for:

  • Extra time
  • Separate rooms and supervisors
  • Exam readers and writers
  • Alternative exam formats (e.g. larger text for visually-impaired students, electronic tests)
  • Accommodations specific to disability or impairment (e.g. seating near natural lighting/away from fluorescent lights for students with epilepsy)
Advocacy, Referrals and Info
  • Attend meetings with community agencies (WINZ, Workbridge, CCS, IHC, Autism NZ, etc)
  • Attend meetings for funding applications (Workbridge, WINZ, scholarships and grants)
  • Support for interviews (on and off-campus)
  • Professional testing for learning disability available, if learning disability is suspected.
Mobility Car Parking

Disability car parks available around campus, close to buildings.  Permits must be obtained from Disability Office to use these.  Permits may be for a term or for the year.  Full-time and part-time students and staff may apply.

Referrals on-campus