Thinking Tools


Guides to help you develop your thinking.

Generating Ideas

This guide explains how to use Turnitin to self-check your paraphrasing.


9 Ws
This is a guide to the 9 W questions.


de Bono Thinking Frames
A guide to the de Bono thinking frames method.

Critical Thinking
This guide gives an overview of critical thinking.


Organising your Thinking

Organising/Synthesising your Research
A guide to organising or systhesising the literature you use in your research.


Analyse and Plan an Essay
A guide to organising and planning an essay.


Learn how to take effective notes in class.


Argument Framework
A framework that helps you develop your argument.


Concept Mapping
This guides an overview of concept mapping.


This guide explains how to use Turnitin to self-check your paraphrasing.


Literature Review Template
A template to help synthesise literature for a literature review.


Evaluating Information

Evaluating Source Credibility
This guide shows you how to evaluate information for credibility, authority, accuracy, currency and bias.

Evaluating Information
Link to evaluation tool - the CRAAP Test.


Source Evaluation Matrix
Link to the evaluation tool - the source evaluation matrix.


Getting the most out of your study

KWL Chart
This guide gives an overview to the KWL chart.


Word Mapping
This guide gives an overview to the word mapping method.


PQRST Method of Reading
A guide to the method of PQRST reading.


A guide to questioning what you are reading.


Comment Codes
A guide to the comment code system.


Practising Reflection

Reflective Writing
An overview of relective writing.


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