Study Skills


Resources to help you study effectively.

Planning Study Time
This guide will help you plan your study.-


Semester Planner - Semester 2, 2020
Weekly Planner - Version 1

Weekly Planner - Verson 2

Reading Effectively
Consult this guide for tips on reading effectively.


Reading Effectively - PQRST Method
Consult this guide to learn the PQRST method of reading.


Reciprocal Reading Prompts
Consult this guide to learn how to use reciprocal reading prompts.


Critical Thinking
This guide gives an overview of critical thinking.


Learn how to take effective notes in class.


Listening Skills
Learn how to listen effectively in class.


quiz Listening Skills
Quiz - test your knowledge of listening skills.


Working in Groups
This guide discusses effective ways of working in groups.


Memory Tips
Consult this guide for tips on recalling information.


Getting Started with Writing
This guide gives tips on how to get started with writing.


Learning Styles
This guide discusses the different learning styles.


Exam Preparation
This guide gives tips on how to prepare for an exam.



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