Finding appropriate resources amongst the mass of information available is not always easy, but making use of the resources and assistance available here will make your efforts far more effective and successful.

Before you begin searching for information ensure that you have correctly identified the subject or topic you require information on and what you are required to do with this information (outline, explain, compare/contrast, etc.). Refer to the Analysing the question guide if you require help with this, or see one of our Learning Advisors.

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Information resources on this subject can be found in the following locations.

684 Woodwork and timber
690 Building and construction
694 Carpentry

Subject Contact

If you require further help with finding information please ask at the desk or contact your Subject Librarian.

Adam Smith - Hawke's Bay
ph| (06) 8301067

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Primo searches the library’s physical resources and many of the databases EIT has available.

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  • Use Primo instead of searcing across all the search tools one by one.
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    Search across a wide range of reference resources such as
    encyclopedias, dictionaries and atlases.

  • Credo finds overviews and summaries and is useful when you are unfamiliar with a topic.
  • Often contains multiple entries on a topic (unlike Wikipedia). This allows you to gain a rounded understanding of your topic.






Journal articles are written by experts in the field and are an excellent source for current and original research; often on quite specific aspects of a topic. Databases provide you with access to an increasing amount of articles which will help you find comprehensive information on your chosen topic.

Not all of our databases are full-text. If you find an article that only has an abstract we may be able to interloan it for you. Fill out an online interloan form.

Most of our databases have a help menu. If you need help with the databases contact your subject librarian.

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The Shed (Tairāwhiti)

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Specific Databases

Standards New Zealand Online Library
View the most up-to-date versions of all New Zealand and Joint Australian/New Zealand Standards.

ProQuest Central Science & Technology
Search Proquest Central's science and technology databases including ProQuest Biology Journals; ProQuest Computing; ProQuest Military Collection; ProQuest Research Library: Science & Technology; ProQuest Science Journals; ProQuest Telecommunications; ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global: Science & Technology.

General Databases

Credo Reference
An online library of hundreds of reference books including encyclopaedias, dictionaries, thesauri, atlases, biographies, quotations and subject-specific titles. There are millions of entries, including thousands of images and audio pronunciation files. Contributing publishers include Routledge, SAGE, Cambridge University Press, Wiley, Elsevier and many others. Additional features include Mind Map and Topic Pages, plus links to the EIT library catalogue and databases.

InfoTrac OneFile
Full-text news and periodical content on a wide range of topics from general interest magazines, academic journals, business and technology publications, law journals, health care periodicals, newspapers and newswire services. Updated daily.

MasterFILE Complete
Multidisciplinary database providing full-text of nearly 2,000 general reference publications back to 1975. Includes full text reference books, biographies, primary source documents, and an image collection of photos, maps and flags. This database is updated daily via EBSCOhost.

ProQuest Central
ProQuest Central is a large multidisciplinary research resource combining more than 28 databases and covering more than 20,000 periodicals plus many other scholarly resources. Content is from scholarly journals, trade publications, company reports, dissertations, newspapers, newsletters, and newswires. Over 160 subject areas are covered including business and economics, health and medical (including nursing), education, social sciences, psychology, humanities, technology, science and more.

New Zealand Databases

Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre
Australian and New Zealand specific magazines, newspapers, newswires and reference books.

Index New Zealand (INNZ)
Indexes and abstracts selected New Zealand serial publications, including newspapers and 300 journals about New Zealand and the South Pacific. Subjects include general interest material, social research, current affairs, the arts and humanities. Coverage is from 1987. No full-text.

These websites have been chosen by your subject librarian to provide you with a relevant selection of online resources. When searching for other online resources evaluate them and think critically about the information presented;

  • Who is making the content available, are they a reliable source?
  • Is the content they are presenting accurate?
  • Is it biased towards political or commercial interests?

Our evaluating the credibility of websites guide will help you with this process. Get in touch with a librarian or one of our Learning Advisors if you are unsure.

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google scholar



Google Scholar allows you to search for academic sources using Google's search capabilities. This excludes other non-academic material to give you a more scholarly selection of results. EIT's holdings can be displayed using Google Scholar, to allow you to see at a glance if EIT has access to the full-text of sources you may find. See our guide for step by step instructions.

Everyone is aware of YouTube but as a student of EIT you also have access to the below resources to locate quality content.

If you do use YouTube, or other online video content, remember to critically evaluate the material you find:

  • Who is making the content available, are they a reliable source?
  • Is the content they are presenting accurate?
  • Is it biased towards political or commercial interests?

The principles given in our evaluating the credibility of websites guide will help you assess whether it is appropriate for academic purposes. Speak to a librarian or learning advisor if you are unsure.

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Click here to see eTV, a new resource you can access from the Library. The On Demand section lets you view and download recordings from TV and videos kept in the Library and Shop.The Live Channels feature lets you live stream TV channels. Use My eTV to store your favourite programmes, personal details and saved searches.
Go to the eTV website and choose 'Login or Register'. If you have not used eTV before click 'Register Now' and complete the form to create your own login and password. Make sure to select 'Eastern Institute of Technology' as the institute name.

Please see the eTV Student Guide for help using eTV.

Please see the eTV Staff Guide for help to embed an eTV episode into your EIT Online course.

Click here to see SafetyHub Safetycare videos. Includes range of online videos on topics including Driving Safety, Fire Awareness and Office Safety.